Standard Install Components


50-Year Zinc Aluminum Alloy
Full zinc powder-coated screw which comes with a 7/8-inch flange that covers the washer, this prevents the elements from breaking down, thus extending the life of the screw by as much as 70%.EPDM washers come with a Hi-Lo thread to prevent them from backing out.
25-Year Carbon Steel
Our standard carbon steel screw with EPDM washers come with a Hi-Lo thread to prevent them from backing out.
We use tremco or similar elastomeric sealant under/around areas like pipe boots and other flashings.
These sealants are specifically designed to be flexible and move with expansion/retraction of metal roofs.
Pipe Flashing
20 year warranty. EPDM material.Available in black or gray as a square boot which covers protrusions from 1/2 inch up to 19 inches in diameter.

Elastomeric sealant is applied underneath boot before securing to roof panel, which is then secured with anti-backout screws.

A secondary sealant is applied to the outside perimeter of boot after installation.

Ridge Vent
This universal metal ridge vent material is a great product that provides plenty of cooling airflow and exceeds building codes.Unlike polyurethane products that soak up water then expand as they dry out, causing them to disintegrate and fail, this ridge vent is designed to prevent moisture absorption.

Made from specially formulated polyester, it is extremely durable. Flame, clog, and tear resistant.

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