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About Our Company
Established in 2009 in the heart of the recession, Steelmaster has since grown to 1,200+ steel roofs installed in northern Indiana and southern Michigan. That growth has created experience, product knowledge that is lacking with many non-specialized roofing companies.

We believe customer satisfaction to be the key to our success and that our many completed roofs speak for themselves.
While roofing companies are notorious for only being in business for several years, often working from their garages, we have consistently invested into Steelmaster, upgrading equipment, product offerings, facilities, etc.

In 2018 we invested in a major expansion by purchasing a complete CNC panel, Masterrib rollformer/slit line, along with an automated 21 foot CNC trim break which makes precision trim. We also invested in individual corner and ridge cap rollformers capable of making material seamlessly up to 40 ft for a cleaner look, and two concealed fastener portable roll formers capable of making 15 different standing seam profiles for both residential and commercial roofs.

We believe these investments set us apart from out competition and shows our commitment to serving the community for years to come.
New for 2019, we have expanded our product offering lineup to better serve all our customers, are excited to announce a new retail center scheduled to open by early summer.

While we have grown, we remain an efficiently run company where everyone is actively engaged, and committed to improving efficiency.
Tired of roofing companies that lack value, service, and efficiency?

Let us impress you with the Steelmaster difference.

Matt Miller
CEO, Steelmaster Roofing

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