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Steel Master Roofing has been the leader in Metal roofing in the La Porte, Indiana area for a decade. Our metal roofing experts have years of experience with all types of metal roofing, and our experience means we understand our local needs. Using the latest technologies in roofing fabrication, we can custom fit a beautiful roof for your commercial or residential property.

Services Offered in the La Porte Region

  • Metal Roofing
  • Commercial metal roofs
  • Residential
  • Metal Barn Roofs
  • Shed Metal Roofing

Why Choose Us

– Our customers are the reason for our success in the Michiana area, so we give the best service.
– We have the expertise and state of the art equipment to create a great roof for your property.
– Our roofing experts have decades of combined experience with metal roofing techniques.

All About La Porte, IN

One of the oldest cities in the area, founded in 1832, La Porte, Indiana is the seat of La Porte County. In the early days of the nineteenth century, this quaint town earned the name “the Door,” as it was a doorway to the West. Many settlers heading across the Great Plains went through the area, leaving their mark on the land and in the culture of the people who live there today.

Visitors and longtime residents of the northern Indiana, southern Michigan area can experience what these early settlers days were like at historical sites around La Porte, IN. The La Porte County Historical Society is located in town, and they have information of all the sites in the surrounding area. Pioneerland is a fun take on the settler days, and it operates in the La Porte County Fairgrounds. Though it’s not fully open year round, Pioneerland has a full historical village including a blacksmith and outdoor kitchen. They bring the first half of the nineteenth century to life throughout the summer and for special holiday events in winter, making it a must see if you’re visiting family in the Michiana area.

Visitors to the area who enjoy the great outdoors will have a good time at Pine Lake, where they can have fun on the water and on the shore. Soldiers Memorial Park is also lakeside and features great picnic and play areas. If you prefer more contemporary fun, La Porte offers fine dining and shopping in addition to the charming small town attractions like historical sites and parks. No matter why you’re there, you’ll find something to enjoy in La Porte, IN.

La Porte, IN New metal roof

Another great Steelmaster result! The property looks fantastic with a beautiful Copper roof. For metal roofing call the office today!

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